Waterbridge Golf Course

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Waterbridge Golf Course

Waterbridge Golf Course is a relaxed place to play golf, where the aim of the day is to have fun playing a great game of golf. The atmosphere is welcoming, the team friendly, and the surrounding landscape beautifully green. The course does not require handicaps or golf shoes, and to show how relaxed the course is they do not have a strict dress code, as jeans, collared tee shirts and trainers are all acceptable whilst playing.

Set in 24 acres, the 9-hole course has five par threes, three par fours and one par five. The total distance is 1,891 yards.

The Club Professional, Steve Stephenson, is on hand to give a variety of lessons and a Mediterranean style licenced bar continues the relaxed atmosphere as you are able to have a well-earned drink after a day playing.

For more information contact t: 01363 85111